Luxembourg: Grand-Duke Henri of Luxembourg undergoes heart surgery at the eve of Pearl wedding Anniversary

20110204 LUXEMBOURG-CITY / LUXEMBOURG: His Royal Highness Grand-Duke Henri of Luxembourg was rushed on thursday 3rd February 2011 by emmergency medical team from the grand-ducal palace in Luxembourg-City to the CHL (Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg) were he had to undergo emmergency heart surgery at the INCCI (Institut National de Chirurgie Cardiaque et de Chirurgie Interventionnelle) A coronary angioplasty intervention treated the (narrowed) coronary arteries of the heart found in coronary heart disease. These stenotic segments are due to the build up of cholesterol-laden plaques that form due to atherosclerosis (French: “angioplastie coronaire” ) That surgery was practiced with success and according to official sources the life of Luxembourg’s sovereign is not at risk and he may be able to leave hospital soon. This news overshadows the oncoming pearl wedding anniversary of TT RR HH on next 14 February 2011, on which occasion these pictures have been made available. NOTE TO THE EDITORS: If you wish other pictures of the royal couple OUT OF THE BOOK we are in the process of publishing at that occasion, feel free to contact us by email “”. *** Mandatory Photo Credit should read: “CGD/Christian Aschman by LUXPRESS” . LUXPRESS PressAgency 2, rue de Malines L-2123 LUXEMBOURG T: +352-432343 / Mobile: +352 661 432343.
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